The new deadline for submitting the Community Partner Interest Form is 5 pm on January 11, 2019.*

Great news! In the spirit of partnership and in recognition of the fact that many Community-Based Organizations and Social Service Providers are busy with year-end organizational responsibilities and commitments, HealthierHere has decided to extend the deadline for the Community Partner Interest Form submissions to 5 pm on January 11.

We sincerely appreciate those who have already submitted their Interest Forms and we will start reviewing those forms, on a rolling basis, beginning December 27.  Given the extension of time, those Organizations that have already submitted their Interest Forms are welcome to review and edit your submission by revisiting the Survey Monkey link – from the computer or device that you used to submit the Interest Form originally – any time before the first reviews occur on December 27.

For anyone who has not yet attended a session or watched a webinar, or if you would like a refresher, the webinar will be available to view until 5 pm on January 11 as well.  Please note that submitting a Community Partner Interest Form is a requirement of anyone interested in pursuing Community Partnership opportunities with HealthierHere.  All Community Partner Interest Forms must be submitted by 5 pm on January 11 so we encourage interested parties to watch the webinar well in advance of the submission date.

If there is anyone else that you know who may be interested in pursuing community partnership opportunities with HealthierHere, please feel free to share this information and direct them to view the webinar as that provides background of HealthierHere’s work, focus, and steps to partnership.

*While the deadline for submission of the Community Partner Interest Forms has been extended, we encourage interested organizations to submit their Interest Forms sooner rather than later as submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis, beginning on December 27.

How can I access the Community Partner Interest Form?  If you are interested in pursuing partnership with HealthierHere, please access the Community Partner Interest Form by clicking here or copying and pasting this link into your browser:

How can I watch the webinar?  If you have not attended a webinar or in-person information session, you can access the webinar online by clicking here.

A few important reminders:

  1. Completing and submitting the Community Partner Interest Form is required to remain in consideration for HealthierHere Community Partnerships.  If you are uncertain, we would encourage you to submit the form as it is non-binding.
  2. The form is brief and should take no longer than an hour to complete.  It could take more, or less, time depending on the services that you provide in community.
  3. Only submit one (1) form per Organization, Group, Agency.  We understand that, in many instances, multiple people from within the same organization attended the Community Partner Information Sessions; however, only one (1) form per Organization will be accepted.  The form allows you to highlight multiple program areas within your Organization, if applicable.

Please contact Marya Gingrey, HealthierHere’s Director of Equity and Community Partnerships at if you have questions or require additional assistance.