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Event: Health equity in 2021: What COVID-19 is teaching us and where we’re headed (Virtual Lecture + Q&A))
Date/Time: 01/21/2021 at 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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by the University of Washington School of Public Health

(from event page) The COVID-19 pandemic continues to lay bare the deep health inequities ingrained in our society. Inequitable policies in our health, criminal justice, education, housing and employment systems have created the conditions that allow the virus to harm communities of color disproportionately.

In the first event of our 2020-21 Health Equity Lecture Series, a panel of public health experts will discuss the legacy of discrimination reflected in health outcomes and the lessons we’ve learned from COVID-19 that can guide us toward building more equitable systems in the future. Includes 30 minute Q&A.

*Please keep in mind that COVID-19 continues to impact events and business operations. We recommend checking event websites for updates.

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