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Event: Understanding Patients’ Perspectives on Social Risk Screening (Live Podcast)
Date/Time: 02/19/2021 at 9:30 am - 10:00 am
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by the Introducing the Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network (SIREN)

(from event page) SIREN Coffee & Science is a biweekly series of 30-minute conversations between experts in social interventions research, practice, and policy. Join our live events to hear leaders grapple with thorny issues at the intersection of clinical and social care. You can also listen to the conversations on demand at any time by subscribing to our new podcast channel!

Our first set of conversations, running from Jan 22 to March 19, 2021 all focus on Awareness, a category that groups health care activities to identify the social risks and assets of patients and populations. We hope you can join us 9:30-10am PT every other Friday for this exciting line-up:

  • January 22: “To Scale or Not to Scale: Social Risk Screening and the US Health Care System” – Anand Shah, MD and Stacy Lindau, MD, MAPP
  • February 5: “The Intersection of Racism, Discrimination, and Social Risk Screening in Clinical Settings” – Toyin Ajayi, MD and Monica Peek, MD, MPH
  • February 19: “Understanding Patients’ Perspectives on Social Risk Screening” – Elena Byhoff, MD, MSc and David Schleifer, PhD
  • March 5: “Building Accountability for Social Risk Screening into State Medicaid Programs” – Sarah Desilvey, DNP, FNP-C and Michael Bailit, MBA
  • March 19: “Social Risks vs. Social Needs: Assessing Patients’ Interest in Assistance” – Minal Patel, PhD, MPH and Emilia De Marchis, MD, MAS

*Please keep in mind that COVID-19 continues to impact events and business operations. We recommend checking event websites for updates.

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