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Event: Preventing and Addressing Homelessness (Virtual Panel + Q&A)
Date/Time: 02/25/2021 at 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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by the Population Health Learning Collaborative

(from event page) This is one of the monthly series of Webinars that is a follow-on to the Solution Summit for the Housing Crisis. Each of these webinars will feature about 15 minutes of sharing some additional innovations or ways to address key challenges that communities face when striving to address homelessness. The remaining 45 minutes (or up to 75 minutes) will be a chance for participants to bring their questions to the panel. The panel will consist of subject matter experts and innovators who presented on strategies for addressing homelessness in the Solution Summit.

Normally, these sessions are only available for people who purchased an All-Access Pass for the Solution Summit, but the February 25 session will not require that pass. Spaces are limited due to our desire to allow participants in this event to be unmuted for discussion.

This month’s session will start with a brief presentation on success story where home-sharing was part of a creative solution to avoid an eviction.

*Please keep in mind that COVID-19 continues to impact events and business operations. We recommend checking event websites for updates.

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