Update: Clinical Summaries were updated in 2019

HealthierHere is proud to share our newly revised clinical summaries. We created the clinical summaries to communicate the depth and breadth of the HealthierHere portfolio. Please reference our glossary to better understand HealthierHere’s standard definitions for certain roles and capacities.The 11 clinical summaries represent distinct sub-project areas of HealthierHere’s portfolio of four Health Care Authority (HCA)-designated projects. They were developed in collaboration with our stakeholders, including many subject matter experts who put in extra hours of review and feedback for which we are very grateful. These clinical summaries will drive our future transformation work, and we encourage you to review  them to get a better sense of the focus populations and key elements for system transformation in these 11 areas.

Project 2A: Bi-directional Integration of Physical and Behavioral Health through Care Transformation
(HCA Project Toolkit description of 2A can be found here)

  1. Integrated Whole Person Care in Community Behavioral Health Centers
  2. Integrated Whole Person Care in Primary Care Settings

Project 2C: Transitional Care
(HCA Project Toolkit description of 2C can be found here)

  1. Hospital Discharges for High-Risk Medicaid Individuals
  2. Psychiatric Care Transitions from Hospital Settings
  3. Transitions of Care from Jail

Project 3A: Addressing the Opioid Use Public Health Crisis
(HCA Project Toolkit description of 3A can be found here)

  1. Expanding Access to Opioid Treatment
  2. Prevention of Opioid-related Overdoses
  3. Opioid Prescribing Practices

Project 3D: Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
(HCA Project Toolkit description of 3D can be found here)

  1. Chronic Disease Management Diabetes
  2. Chronic Disease Management Cardiovascular Disease
  3. Chronic Disease Management Asthma and COPD