As we reflect on the seditious attack on our nation’s Capitol, it is clear that this is not an isolated event. It is one of countless crises in our nation tied together by common threads of white supremacy and systemic racism.

We condemn the reprehensible assault on our democracy that took place on January 6, as well as the white supremacist rhetoric that enabled and emboldened it.

We protest the double standard in police response to the insurrectionists who carried confederate flags and desecrated our nation’s Capital, in contrast to the multiple instances of militarized force and punishment used against those who have protested the murder of Black and Brown people at the hands of police.

In our local community, we support Dr. Ben Danielson, MD, in his brave decisions to speak out and take action in response to allegations of racist treatment, decisions and practices perpetuated by leaders at Seattle Children’s. We hear his truth and appreciate his leadership. Sadly, the issues that he raised are widespread and ubiquitous. We challenge Seattle Children’s – and all other organizations, including our own – to listen, learn, and take bold action to make real and substantive change to become anti-racist organizations.

We recognize the disproportionate, devastating impacts of COVID-19 on communities of color. We know that these outcomes are the result of a long legacy of racist systems, practices and traumas in the United States. We refuse to ignore how the examples above are all rooted in wide-spread systemic, institutional racism and we challenge those with power and privilege, including ourselves, to contribute to ending the racist practices that continue to permeate the systems around us.

We have work to do. We must unite in defiance of words, images and actions that perpetuate white supremacy and endanger Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. We – ourselves, our organizations, our partners, our communities and our nation – must:

  • Understand the true, factual history that has led us here
  • Center the voices and leadership of Black, Indigenous and People of Color
  • Identify informed, strategic actions that we can and will take to address systemic racism
  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable

What does that look like? We commit that we will:

  • Create practices and tools to help us to speak up more quickly, frequently, and effectively to amplify antiracist information and voices from communities of color
  • Foster hard conversations that challenge us to re-think what we know to be “true” and to reimagine what success and progress look like
  • Use our privilege and influence to transform institutions and systems
  • Continue to build and sustain authentic, trusting relationships with community, especially communities of color
  • Be more transparent about our internal work to become an antiracist organization

We will share updates about our progress on our blog, at our board meetings and through other vehicles that allow the information to easily be seen and heard by all.

To those impacted by racism, we know your trauma is real and that lives are at stake. We see you and commit to holding space for your voices and needs. We promise to fight.

To those with privilege, join us.

In solidarity,
The Team at HealthierHere

We respectfully acknowledge the Coast Salish peoples, whose land we are on today and whose ancestors and descendants have stewarded this land and water since time immemorial.