Organizations that use the Collective Platform – including EDIE and Collective Ambulatory – can now access new features designed to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). We developed a tutorial to help our partners navigate this new information.

Collective Platform, known to many as EDIE and Collective Ambulatory, is a collaborative communication tool used by many health care, behavioral health and community service providers. Collective Medical, the maker of this technology, recently deployed new features to facilitate information sharing about COVID-19 status with providers using the Collective Platform. Users can now access COVID-19-specific flags and cohorts.

New COVID-19 flags
The new flag will display a COVID-19 positive or negative lab result and the date of the result for all tests done within King County. As private labs (e.g., Quest, LabCorp) report their lab results to the county/state, their information is included in the data. (NOTE: Only positive results are available from the state Department of Health). Access to nearly real-time COVID-19 results will help providers ensure timely access to care and support efforts to prevent the spread of this illness.

New COVID-19 cohorts
Cohorts come from electronic admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) data submitted by hospitals and emergency departments. When you look a patient up in the system, for instance, they might show up as being in a cohort of “Diabetes” or “Cardiovascular Disease”. Now there are also three COVID-19 cohorts that a patient may be part of: Coronavirus Chief-Complaint cohort, Possible Coronavirus Diagnosis cohort, and Related Diagnosis(DX) cohort. The cohorts are defined so that a patient’s inclusion in a particular COVID-19 cohort will help providers prioritize testing, educate patients, and support post-discharge isolation protocols.

Support for implementation
In addition to notifying our partners, we’ve developed a tutorial and are offering training and technical assistance(TA) opportunities for organizations needing support to engage with these new features. As needed, training and TA will be provided by Comagine Health improvement advisors; it is available at no cost for HealthierHere partners that currently use Collective Platform. In the future we plan to reach out to our partners who may not yet be using the Collective Platform but that might benefit from it.

Please help us spread the word about these new features, and keep in mind that the comprehensiveness of this data continues to evolve.

Special thanks to Collective Medical for their leadership and foresight to initiate this important work, and to our partners for the vital work they’re doing to care for our community and stop the spread of COVID-19.

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