Feeling challenged by all the information coming at you? Us, too. To help, we’ve launched the HealthierHere COVID-19 Resource Hub.

Our partners are overwhelmingly busy providing critical services, care and supports to our community. The Resource Hub serves as a two-way communications tool to support that work. Here’s a brief overview of the hub’s features:

Get to info quicker
Use the “Jump to” links at the top of the page to navigate to the detailed Resources below. We receive information every day from many sources. To make things easier to find, we’ve organized those resources by topic, with links and brief descriptions. You can also use the “Find” command (Control+F on PC, or Command+F on Mac) to search for a specific keyword. 

Shortcuts and upcoming events
You’ll also find quick links to translated materials, helpful websites and a list of upcoming webinars and calls related to Covid-19.

Can’t find what you need? Ask.
If the existing resources don’t contain what you need, you can contact us by clicking “Ask a Question.” Use this form to contact the HealthierHere team with a question or request – for example, specific info on a topic, clarification on guidelines, connection to a partner, or access to resources. Our team will reach out to the appropriate authorities or sources to find answers. If your question is relevant to other partners, we’ll share the answer on the Resource Hub.

Share your experience
Use the “Share a Concern” form to share the concerns and challenges you are seeing. Your input will help us identify issues and needs so we can, as appropriate, take action and/or elevate to decision-makers at the county and state. We’ll compile these notes and share trends on the hub.

We are updating the Resource Hub as new information becomes available. If you have resources or info you think we should add, please use the “Add a Resource” button to share.

Your suggestions, comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. We hope that partners will find this to be a valuable resource. Please let us know!