HealthierHere is proud to serve as King County’s Accountable Community of Health, and we encourage providers and organizations from all sectors and specialties to engage with our work to improve health in our community.

The Washington Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) Foundation recently announced a new opportunity for family physicians wanting to participate in this important work. From the WAFP Foundation:

To encourage family physician participation in local Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs), the WAFP Foundation is offering stipends to its members to help offset the necessary time away from the clinic. The Foundation believes that WAFP’s membership would benefit from having insight into the work being undertaken by the state’s ACHs. Additionally, the Foundation believes that each of the local ACHs would benefit from the on-the-ground perspective of a clinically based family physician.

For more information and to apply for WAFP Foundation’s stipend opportunity, please see:

To learn about participation opportunities available with HealthierHere, please email us.