The new “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds Rule” proposed by the Department of Homeland Security poses a threat to the health of our community and our nation. This sweeping expansion of regulations upends decades of precedent. If enacted, for the first time, the federal government could consider the use of health, nutrition and housing programs to deny lawfully present immigrants a “green card”, visa adjustments/extensions or entry to the U.S. As a result, millions of legal immigrants will likely dis-enroll from Medicaid, food stamps and housing supports which they vitally need rather than risk their legal status. It specifically targets the working poor – those with wages under 250% of poverty as well as the sick, the young and the elderly. Children of immigrants would be particularly hard hit.

USCIS is taking public comments through December 10, 2018. HealthierHere has prepared this tool kit to support our Innovation Partners in learning about and commenting on this critical issue. Included, please find:

  • Summary Briefing: The 434-page ruling greatly expands who is subject to public charge determination and what can be considered. But, in a word, it’s complicated! We’ve outlined the key changes and potential implications in this five-page briefing document.
  • How to Comment: This includes information on how best to structure comments as well as perspective, resources and supporting facts.

You may substitute your organization’s name and logo on this content for distribution if you prefer.

We hope you will take time to learn about this critical issue and file a comment on behalf of your organization. Other actions you might consider include:

  • Develop a Press Release stating your organization’s position and post it on your website.
  • Create a Dedicated Webpage with information about the proposed regulation and a link to the comment page at Keep in mind that unless someone is “inside baseball”, they are unlikely to know about or understand what “public charge” is or how it has previously been applied.
  • Educate your Staff about this issue and its potential implications.
  • Develop an Email Blast to supporters and friends, with an overview and a link to more information as well has to
  • Reach out on Social Media and ask people to learn more and comment.

A word of guidance: This is an issue that crosses party lines. We at HealthierHere believe Americans of all persuasions do not want to see their neighbors or our communities suffer. We want to build a “big tent” to oppose these new regulations. We strongly advise against partisan or political comments about the Trump administration in regards to this issue. It not only might alienate people who might stand with their neighbors in opposing the rule, it risks generating backlash and comments supporting the ruling.